Welcome to our website, as you might know, we are a birthing center that is fully equipped with all the latest equipment that you might need. On this website, you can more information about us.


Monitoring the mother during the pregnancy is really important because this way we can avoid a lot of issues. That is the main reason why this is one of the most important services.


Educating is a part of our service that we offer to every mother at the start of their pregnancy. This is important because they often don’t know the procedure of the labor and delivery.


Delivering babies is, of course, our main service that we provide to every mother who comes to us. We have professional midwives with many years of experience, so there is nothing you should be worried about.

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Our most immediate need is for funds. Each large contribution we receive makes a tangible difference in our ability to carry out our current programs and to effect change. However, the cumulative effect of many small contributions is no less powerful. At whatever level, your investment in this work funds education and services that help give families more choice in childbirth options.
No matter what type of support you can give us, we will be very happy to use it for improving our center and increasing the overall quality of our services. As mentioned above, we would really appreciate every contribution with funds.
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Volunteers are an integral part of the Birth Center of Gainesville. Volunteers make time commitments that range from one-time-only projects to weekly support. Please email us for more information.


We have started our blog in order to further improve our qualities and help out soon to be mothers who need some professional guidance. You can find various helpful articles on our blog about the birth process.